Areál Sokolova is the place, where words as tradition, family heritage and reliability get a whole new meaning. History of business activities – operated under different brand names, but for decades led by members of one family – dates back to the thirties of the last century. In that times there was built a factory for battery production.

The prosperous enterprise didn´t avoid nationalization in 1948, after which it fell under the state enterprise Bateria Slaný. The production was terminated in 1968, due to the boom of portable transistor radios was soon renewed, but only for short time. After its re-termination were spaces modified for whole different type of the production – in the street Sokolova began to produce covers for Zetor tractors.

At the beginning of stormy nineties was the production in Zetor restricted, what has the impact also on the factory in Sokolova. The complex fell into the ruin and prime owners in order to avoid liquidation submit a restitution claim. The partial resolution of the claim lasted to 1998. In the same time arose the idea to build a modern complex, which would again bring in the Sokolova honorable business and prosperity. After the necessary remediation of unusable buildings (2012) was created the new concept of multifunctional Areál Sokolova. The first hall will grow here during the year 2014, in future stages will be implemented additional modules according to the needs of clients.